Forbidden - Kelley Armstrong
For all of us long time Kelley Armstrong fans we remember first meeting Morgan Walsh in Frostbitten. The book ended with Walsh stating that after a year with his own pack he would head down to Syracuse "for a few beers" with the North American pack.

After being a wolf for so long Walsh underestimates the amount of times he need to shift back into wolf form to keep the changing under control. He shifts back into wolf form in a public area and after hitting his head in a boulder and passing out, he is given a rude awakening by a police officer but also by wolf tracks found near his body. Elena and Clay come to the rescue and after a tense encounter with the town sheriff, Walsh is let go with a warning. When trying to leave the town, the trio encounter numerous amount of coincidental occurrences and they decide to stay and investigate.

This novella managed to keep my werewolf withdrawl's to a minimum and it should help you with yours. Thank you to Kelley Armstrong for writing another great novela.