Jocelyn's Choice - Ella Jade
I know the cover isn't great but the story is.

In the book we are introduced to Jocelyn while she is contemplating looking at the pregnancy test she just took. The book switches to flashbacks of how she met Alex and all the firsts she got to experience with him (first date, kiss, and her first time having sex)

Jocelyn and Alex make the mistake of having unprotected sex one night. It results in a surprise pregnancy but also a secret kept by Jocelyn. Alex is leaving for a couple of months so Jocelyn decided that she would rather tell him face to face when he gets back to town. Alex tried to keep in contact with Jocelyn while he was away, but fearing she would tell him about the pregnancy, she decided to keep her distance. While at the mall, Jocelyn runs into Alex's younger brother who immediately figures out about the pregnancy, thanks to her now visibly showing. He demands she tell Alex immediately about the baby as he would be in town the next day.

Jocelyn and Alex have a couple tense days but ultimately settles into a very welcomed routine for them both. Alex is invited to go to Jocelyn's next ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby, who ends up to be a girl.

The story ends 5 years later with the couple being now married, homeowners, Jocelyn finishing her Degree in communications, Alex working, and both of them enjoying every minute that they can with their daughter Alexa. Jocelyn also reveals she is once again pregnant but this time they are both ready.

I surprising enjoyed this book a lot. It definitely has parts where all girls can relate but it also shows you the struggle being a teen mom-to-be.