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Review | Bright Before Sunrise
Bright Before Sunrise - Tiffany Schmidt

The book revolves around Jonah and Brighton. Jonah, originally from Hamilton, has moved to Cross Pointe due to his mothers new marriage and baby. He purposefully distances himself from all of his new classmates since he believes that they look down upon him because he comes from Hamilton, which is considered a lower class town. Brighton is the perfect student and daughter...or so she's convinced everyone she is. She is still dealing with the death of her father and having a difficult time of saying "no" to anyone. Even though they're polar opposites they both want the same thing: to go back. Jonah wants to go back to Hamilton while Brighton wants to go back to when her dad was alive.

A babysitting job leads Jonah and Brighton to start a late night adventure. During this time they discover things about each other that seems to draw them closer. It also adds an element of surprise when they begin to see each other in a different light and enjoy the company they are spending together. 

I loved this book. I loved the characters, the setting, the back story, the struggles and basically everything. These characters felt very real. I have lost a person who meant a lot in my life and dealing with it is very hard, even though it happened a few years ago. When reading about Brighton there was never a point where Tiffany Schmidt made it a bad thing to grieve over a loved one. Everyone should be getting this book as soon as it comes out!

5 Stars
The Sweetest Game (The Perfect Game, #3)
The Sweetest Game (The Perfect Game, #3) - J. Sterling
To be completely honest, I was not looking forward to reading this book at all. I loved the first book and hated the second one. But, I am happy to say that this might just be my favourite out of all three in the series.

It had the required drama for Jack and Cassie but there was also HUGE character development from the first book. There was no running away from their problems this time. They faced everything (the injury, the trade, the pregnancy, Jack thinking he's an absentee father, and the retirement) head on and as a team.

I'm sad to see this series end but will be looking forward to anything else J. Sterling will be writting
4 Stars
Into the Still Blue
Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi
The biggest issues with a favourite book series ending is that you want all your questions answered and you genuienly want everyone to be okay. For me, Veronica Rossi did a fantastic job ending this trilogy.

Into the Still Blue starts where Through the Ever Night left off. Everyone is dealing with the after effects from the loss of Liv and the kidnapping of Cinder. This sets the pace for a non stop, action packed book with some surprising twists and turns. Every time i though i knew how it was going to end, Veronica threw something at me that i did not expect.

I loved that this trilogy didn't leave me wanting more. I was very happy about the ending and don't doubt that they will all live a long and great life in the Still Blue. Another thing that i enjoyed in this trilogy was the love between Aria and Perry. As a couple they would disagree/argue but you still felt the amount of love and respect they both had for each other. They have been one of the most realistic couples I've had the great pleasures of reading about this year. Plus, there are no word to describe how happy i am that it didn't turn out to be a love triangle.

I would recommend this trilogy to anyone. I guarantee that you will not regret it.
4 Stars
The Assassin and the Empire (Throne of Glass, #0.4)
The Assassin and the Empire (Throne of Glass, #0.4) - Sarah J. Maas
why?WHY?why? :'(
4 Stars
Used To Be
Used To Be - Jolene Perry
I absolutely loved this book. It was a quick, romantic read that will just warm your heart. Also, the cover is beautiful.

The story revolves around Kate, a senior in high school who was dumped by her boyfriend, and Aiden, a recently discharged military soldier. Both are dealing with their own personal issues while trying to navigate through life as anyone else would. They also have to come to terms with the fact that even though they are opposites, they just might be falling for each other.

I enjoyed how realistic the book was with the reality of what soldiers have to deal with upon their return with both physical and emotional wounds. Also, it showed the severity of Kate's diabetes and how deadly it can be if its taken lightly.

I will be recommending this book to a lot of people and will be picking up a physical copy when it becomes available.

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Jocelyn's Choice
Jocelyn's Choice - Ella Jade
I know the cover isn't great but the story is.

In the book we are introduced to Jocelyn while she is contemplating looking at the pregnancy test she just took. The book switches to flashbacks of how she met Alex and all the firsts she got to experience with him (first date, kiss, and her first time having sex)

Jocelyn and Alex make the mistake of having unprotected sex one night. It results in a surprise pregnancy but also a secret kept by Jocelyn. Alex is leaving for a couple of months so Jocelyn decided that she would rather tell him face to face when he gets back to town. Alex tried to keep in contact with Jocelyn while he was away, but fearing she would tell him about the pregnancy, she decided to keep her distance. While at the mall, Jocelyn runs into Alex's younger brother who immediately figures out about the pregnancy, thanks to her now visibly showing. He demands she tell Alex immediately about the baby as he would be in town the next day.

Jocelyn and Alex have a couple tense days but ultimately settles into a very welcomed routine for them both. Alex is invited to go to Jocelyn's next ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby, who ends up to be a girl.

The story ends 5 years later with the couple being now married, homeowners, Jocelyn finishing her Degree in communications, Alex working, and both of them enjoying every minute that they can with their daughter Alexa. Jocelyn also reveals she is once again pregnant but this time they are both ready.

I surprising enjoyed this book a lot. It definitely has parts where all girls can relate but it also shows you the struggle being a teen mom-to-be.
5 Stars
Forbidden - Kelley Armstrong
For all of us long time Kelley Armstrong fans we remember first meeting Morgan Walsh in Frostbitten. The book ended with Walsh stating that after a year with his own pack he would head down to Syracuse "for a few beers" with the North American pack.

After being a wolf for so long Walsh underestimates the amount of times he need to shift back into wolf form to keep the changing under control. He shifts back into wolf form in a public area and after hitting his head in a boulder and passing out, he is given a rude awakening by a police officer but also by wolf tracks found near his body. Elena and Clay come to the rescue and after a tense encounter with the town sheriff, Walsh is let go with a warning. When trying to leave the town, the trio encounter numerous amount of coincidental occurrences and they decide to stay and investigate.

This novella managed to keep my werewolf withdrawl's to a minimum and it should help you with yours. Thank you to Kelley Armstrong for writing another great novela.
5 Stars
Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion
Yes, this is a book about zombies but trust me when i say its not about the stereotypical ones that we all have previously read or watched on movies/television. Isaac Marion does a great job of making his zombies one of a kind. They are able to somewhat communicate, they have weddings, they are given zombie children, the children also attend school, but the most fascinating fact is that they have the ability to relive their victims memories by eating the brain.

"R" has little to no memory of his life before he was turned into a zombie. He wanders around the airport aimlessly making up the previous lives of other zombies he encounters based on their appearance, hanging around with his friend "M", and trying to avoid the Boneys. While on a scavenging trip with the other zombies, he encounters a group and goes in for the kill. That is where he meets Julie. Thanks to the memories of her deceased boyfriend Perry, "R" now knows a variety of things about Julie's life and feels compelled to save her life. He takes her to the zombie infested airport and lets her stay in his home, a 747 commercial jet stationed in Gate 12. Through Julie we learn what events transpired that turned the world into a post apocalyptic setting. There were political and social breakdowns, riots, wars and lastly came the zombies. After a dramatic confrontation between the Boneys, "R" and Julie flee.

The story continues into a very action packed and suspenseful read. I guarantee you will have a hard time putting this book down. It was very enjoyable and i am looking forward to the second book. All in all i give it 5 stars and recommend it to everybody.
4 Stars
The Lover's Dictionary: A Novel
The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan
The Lovers Dictionary has a unique approach. It narrator retells the ups and downs of his relationship through dictionary entries. The events are told in alphabetical order instead of when the events happened chronologically.

We are told of first dates, past relationships, infidelity, alcohol abuse, unease, sleepless nights, dates, fear of flying, broken families, deaths, internet dating and many more events.

Even though the book is not written like the ones you and i read everyday, you are still left with the same emotions and even find yourself feeling the same ones the narrator is. I felt happy, giddy, angry, disappointed, and hurt.

Do not take this book as a guide or as a book one reads while suffering a broken heart. Read it and enjoy it for what it is.

Favourite entry:

"Vagary, noun.

The mistake is thinking there can be an antidote to the uncertainty." - Page 195
4 Stars
Sh*t Girls Say
Sh*t Girls Say - Kyle Humphrey, Graydon Sheppard
Sh*t Girls Say is based off the viral youtube videos and also, lets face it, what most of the female population say in everyday conversations. The book is broken into 5 sections that ranges from Friends & Fashion to Emotions and Insecurities.

This short book will definitely give you a good laugh and bring you down memory lane to a time when you or even a friend of yours used some of the quotes in this book.

Favourite Quotes:
"Where did i park."
"Can i steal one of your fries."
"Was i super annoying last night?"
"Could you do me a huge favour?"
5 Stars
Ashen Winter (Ashfall)
Ashen Winter - Mike Mullin
Before i start my review i would like to say two things. 1. A big thank you to Mike Mullin for sending me a copy of this amazing book 2. This is my first book review...ever. Im delighted that i get to write a review about the work of an author that i admire so much. So please, bare with me if i get too excited and spoil some things for those who haven't had the chance to read it yet.

Ashen Winter begins a couple of months from where Ashfall left off. The worlds population is still suffering through the traumatic and destructive events of the volcano. Alex and Darla have managed to keep the farm running, while having to adapt to the new harsh environment, of course.

After the farm is attacked by bandits who had a shotgun that was given to Alex's parents. Alex and Darla embark on an odyssey to find Alex's missing parents, who have now been gone for about 6 months. First on the list is to search for the rest of the bandits to gather as much information as they can about the shotgun. From there starts the fast paced story that you will not be able to put down. Be warned there will also be moments where you just have to yell and put the book down.

Throughout Ashen Winter one of the things i admired the most was how Alex , even though the world is a complete disaster, didn't lose his humanity. Alex trusted, offered assistance and did many more things that people in the same situation would never have done.

One of the big questions that you will keep asking yourself throughout the book is "What would i do if this actually happens?" Two things i learned are:
A) Never underestimate the powers of kale
B) I need to start buying kale seed...just incase.