Bright Before Sunrise - Tiffany Schmidt

The book revolves around Jonah and Brighton. Jonah, originally from Hamilton, has moved to Cross Pointe due to his mothers new marriage and baby. He purposefully distances himself from all of his new classmates since he believes that they look down upon him because he comes from Hamilton, which is considered a lower class town. Brighton is the perfect student and daughter...or so she's convinced everyone she is. She is still dealing with the death of her father and having a difficult time of saying "no" to anyone. Even though they're polar opposites they both want the same thing: to go back. Jonah wants to go back to Hamilton while Brighton wants to go back to when her dad was alive.

A babysitting job leads Jonah and Brighton to start a late night adventure. During this time they discover things about each other that seems to draw them closer. It also adds an element of surprise when they begin to see each other in a different light and enjoy the company they are spending together. 

I loved this book. I loved the characters, the setting, the back story, the struggles and basically everything. These characters felt very real. I have lost a person who meant a lot in my life and dealing with it is very hard, even though it happened a few years ago. When reading about Brighton there was never a point where Tiffany Schmidt made it a bad thing to grieve over a loved one. Everyone should be getting this book as soon as it comes out!