Ashen Winter - Mike Mullin
Before i start my review i would like to say two things. 1. A big thank you to Mike Mullin for sending me a copy of this amazing book 2. This is my first book review...ever. Im delighted that i get to write a review about the work of an author that i admire so much. So please, bare with me if i get too excited and spoil some things for those who haven't had the chance to read it yet.

Ashen Winter begins a couple of months from where Ashfall left off. The worlds population is still suffering through the traumatic and destructive events of the volcano. Alex and Darla have managed to keep the farm running, while having to adapt to the new harsh environment, of course.

After the farm is attacked by bandits who had a shotgun that was given to Alex's parents. Alex and Darla embark on an odyssey to find Alex's missing parents, who have now been gone for about 6 months. First on the list is to search for the rest of the bandits to gather as much information as they can about the shotgun. From there starts the fast paced story that you will not be able to put down. Be warned there will also be moments where you just have to yell and put the book down.

Throughout Ashen Winter one of the things i admired the most was how Alex , even though the world is a complete disaster, didn't lose his humanity. Alex trusted, offered assistance and did many more things that people in the same situation would never have done.

One of the big questions that you will keep asking yourself throughout the book is "What would i do if this actually happens?" Two things i learned are:
A) Never underestimate the powers of kale
B) I need to start buying kale seed...just incase.