Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion
Yes, this is a book about zombies but trust me when i say its not about the stereotypical ones that we all have previously read or watched on movies/television. Isaac Marion does a great job of making his zombies one of a kind. They are able to somewhat communicate, they have weddings, they are given zombie children, the children also attend school, but the most fascinating fact is that they have the ability to relive their victims memories by eating the brain.

"R" has little to no memory of his life before he was turned into a zombie. He wanders around the airport aimlessly making up the previous lives of other zombies he encounters based on their appearance, hanging around with his friend "M", and trying to avoid the Boneys. While on a scavenging trip with the other zombies, he encounters a group and goes in for the kill. That is where he meets Julie. Thanks to the memories of her deceased boyfriend Perry, "R" now knows a variety of things about Julie's life and feels compelled to save her life. He takes her to the zombie infested airport and lets her stay in his home, a 747 commercial jet stationed in Gate 12. Through Julie we learn what events transpired that turned the world into a post apocalyptic setting. There were political and social breakdowns, riots, wars and lastly came the zombies. After a dramatic confrontation between the Boneys, "R" and Julie flee.

The story continues into a very action packed and suspenseful read. I guarantee you will have a hard time putting this book down. It was very enjoyable and i am looking forward to the second book. All in all i give it 5 stars and recommend it to everybody.